Deschutes Jubel 2010

Released: February 2010

Alc. by Vol. 10% IBUs 55

Finally got to try the 2010 and I am loving it. Sure it's young, but like a good porto, you can really get an idea of how well a beer will age, and this one is going to be awesome in a couple of years. Let's start with the head...utterly superb tan head, great legs, and settles down into a very dark reddish brown ale. When I see that, my anticipation builds exponentially, and I am not dissapointed in the least.

I love strong ale and here is a great specimen. Just the right balance of sweetness & bitter, intermingled with hops, chocolate, and molasses. :) Yes it's strong, but these days I love to share beer with good friends, and in the case, my Father. He loves it too. Tasted from the bottle at 57°F. God Save Deschutes.


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