Europeans promote Licorice to help you to quit smoking, Is licorice Healthy? I say Yes!

One of the best ways to stop smoking is to use puur pure licorice root candy.  This is a candy made of Whole licorice roots that have been chopped and boiled and the liquid then made into a hard licorice candy.  I have many many customers who have quit smoking by substituting black liquorice.  The example at right is a super strong one with nothing else added, so no gaining weight!  It is perfect because it takes a long time to eat because (in my peersonal experience) you have to take it out several times becuse it is so strong.  Some people I know love these with European coffee Zoegas and Jacobs are two brands we carry.

Directions for making your own hard candy can be found on
Baking 911 a fun site with tips from the book by the same name.

In my NYC travels today we went to Fairway Market in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  I haven't been on a whole store troll in a long time, it's only really fun if its far from home and for me NYC is pretty far! While were there we sampled a delicious Spring Brook Farm Raw Cheese So I am a busy busy peep this week in a vacationy kind of way, I have to tell you I like it!

Tomorrow we are going to see HAIR on Broadway!  If you click on the link, you can join the HAIR eparty!


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