New Dutch Black Sweet licorice (drop) Candy by Klene

New Klene sweet black licorice from Holland - licorice love hearts-just in time for Valentine's Day. This bag of Dutch sweet drop includes soft black licorice hearts, pink and red licorice candy coated sticks and a delightful anise 'berry'.

Made by Klene, one of Hollands top drop (licorice) maker's since 1876.   This Licorice is branded as "love at first sight", hence the hearts. This mix is a good one for people who have never had Dutch licorice before and want to take the plunge because it is an all sweet mix with 3 completely different licorice (and anise) flavors.  I wouldn't go so far as calling it a beginner licorice, because it is a very tasty mix that could easily be a favorite in the sweet catagory.  The addition of this licorice brings the Licorice Shrine count up to 381. And remember, to be included in the count it has to have licorice extract in it- no fake 'licorice'!


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