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Kokita Essential Seasoning A (Bumbu Inti A Kokita) for chilli dishes is an essential seasoning to prepare hot Indonesian dishes, mainly consisting of red chillies, added  tomatoes, and other spices. Various chilli dishes can be made by only adding the particular spices of a certain dish to this base mixture.

Red Chilles, Tomatoes, Shallots, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Acetic Acid, Modified Starch (E1442), Sodium Benzoate.

Hot and Spicy Fried Potatoes
Ingredients :

350 gr Peeled potatoes , cube , and fried

5 couple (335 gram)Chicken liver – gizzard,boiled,cube

2 tbsp (50 gr) Kokita Essential Seasoning A.

25 gr (petai) Stinking Beans

2 cm Galangal , Crushed

1/2 tsp Palm sugar

Salt , to taste

500 ml Coconut milk ( 1 pc fresh coconut

2 tbsp vegetables Oil

Methode of cooking :

• Heat vegetables oil , saute KOKITA Essential Seasoning A ,galangal, ( petai ) stinking beans until fragrant.

• Add coconut milk , palm sugar , salt . and boiled .

• Add Chicken liver – gizzard ( giblet ) , fried potatoes . stiring well . and cooked for 5 minute

Recipe and food photo from Kokita website


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