Sweet Black Licorice Candy, Sample today for National Licorice Day! Wiley Wallaby New American made sweet black liquorice, great tasting Australian style

You can Buy Wiley Wallaby Sweet Black Australian Style Licorice Twists at the Marina Market.

This sweet Australian 'style' black licorice is not as strong as the real Australian Darrel Lea Sweet black licorice but it is nearly as strong.  You can taste the punch of anise oil at the end.  It is a very nice product and a huge addition to the American made licorice market. 

FYI- For all of you Kookaburra licorice fans- take note that product is Darrel Lea Licorice that is bought bulk and repacked in Monroe, Washington.

My only flaw with it ts that it is made with corn syrup, but so is my favorite Poulsbo Pickled Herring and I am not going to stop eating that.  Although I should ask Scott if he has any plans to switch over to sugar.  I know changing anything in a recipe or process that is regulated is tedious and expensive.  But I am going to ask him anyway!.

Kenny’s Candy Company is AIB certified (with an excellent rating), OU Kosher Pareve certified and ICS Farm Verified Organic certified.


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