Kraft announces it will buy Cadbury for $19.6 billion in hostile takeover bid for the British confectioner.

I don't understand how hostile takeovers are legal.  (Smacks head!)  Oh yeah, it's because Coroporations are PEOPLE.  How could I forget.  Just don't get in the woman's line behind AIG at the Seahawks game, and don't cut or they will backslap you *and* sue you for discrimination.

I am so sick of Corporate BS.  What really makes me sick is that some of us (activists) have been predicting that this would happen

United Kingdom-based Cadbury, the world's second biggest confectionery company with huge operations in India, on Tuesday agreed to being taken over by Kraft Foods after agreeing to an improved offer from the US food giant.

The improved takeover offer is worth $19.6 billion.

Earlier, Cadbury had consistently rejected the takeover bid made by America's Kraft Foods Inc. However, Kraft, was hopeful that the share-and-cash offer for Cadbury would go through, and it has.

Kraft, the American food giant, said in a statement on Tuesday that Cadbury's board had unanimously endorsed the offer worth 840 pence per share. The revised offer is for 500 pence cash and 0.1874 new Kraft shares for each Cadbury share.

And let all be clear Kraft is Phillip Morris.


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