Thornton's Special Black Liquorice Toffee. Gluten Free Black Licorice Candy

Thornton's Special Liquorice Toffee. The secret to Thorntons Special Toffee is the combination of fine quality ingredients, sourced from around the globe and the timing of adding them to the toffee as it cooks. The toffee is cooked slowly in small, individual pans, to develop a unique flavour
Thornton's does not use emulsifiers or stabilisers in it's toffees. This is intregral to the toffee taste, texture and flavour and is the reason why the toffee clumps together. To enjoy Special Toffee at it's best, tap the bag firmly prior to opening to seperate. I have found that when sampling this licorice out I need to have smaller bits, so I can tell you with confidence that you can use a hammer on this bag and it will stay intact!

The Gluten Free recipe is also suitable for vegetarians. The ingredients are as follows: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk (whole milk, sugar), Vegetable oil, Butter, Dried Liquorice (1.5%), Natural Colour (Vegetable Carbon), Partially inverted Sugar Syrup, Humectant (Sorbitol), Salt, Natural Flavoring.

Thornton's has been tempting toffee lovers since 1925! 105g bag, 4 servings 131 calories per serving


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