LINGONBERRIES (Vaccinium vitis idaea) Did you eat lingonberry this Holiday Season?

Swedish Lingonberry resembles cranberries in that it is tart red berry made into a jam and is served with meats.  Lingonberries are picked when they are ripe unlike the cranberry.  They have the nickname 'mountain cranberry'  I have lingonberry shrubs in the victory herb garden at the store.

"The Red Gold of the Forests" is incomparably the most important Swedish wild berry,  commercially and domestically. As early as the beginning of this century Sweden was exporting large volumes of lingonberry or cowberry to the rest of Europe, mainly to Germany. In 1903 exports had reached over 10 000 tons, a volume which should show the economic importance of the lingonberry even then. Lingonberries are used exclusively for preserves (jam) and fruit syrups.  The jam is eaten widely with meat. What would meat-balls be without lingonberry jam?


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