Frontier Organics Pink Peppercorns with built in grinder!

Frontier Organics Pink Peppercorns with built in grinder!  They are actually the dried fruit of the Baies Rose. The flavour is  sweet and peppery and are quite common in French cuisine. The pink is a vibrant addition to vinaigrette or

meat rubs and crusts adding a touch of color and a rich, sweet flavor to almost any dish

Here is a recipe for Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream This shockingly tasty, sweet-and-savory treat is great on its own with a dusting of cocoa powder, but also makes a great base for other add-ins. (I'm currently itching to fold some dark chocolate chunks into the batch I just made!)  GO to the link for the recipe and the direction to make 1 quart.  You will need

2 tablespoons of  whole pink peppercorns for the recipe.  For more original recipes visit Crabapple Coulis blog -lavendar infused olive oil cakes....yum!


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