POgOS freeze dried 100% Pure Mouse. updated

Direct from Minnesota.  And as we all know anything from Minnesota is Norwegian so logic tells us we have Norwegian Mouse treats for cats.  Meow, our 3 cats love them!  They sit and purr, make eye contact and lick their lips for them!  Three bites and it's gone!  Our price is $7.99 for a 21g bag.

Nutrients, taste and enzymes are kept intact rather than killed off by heat.   This results in treats that burst with flavor and are easy to digest.

Meat loving pets crave the natural pure meats and seafoods. No preservatives are used or needed to keep them fresh.

All may be reconstituted by adding water to moisten and serve.  Pieces can be easily broken for tiny pets and to satisfy finicky cats.

The Treats are not greasy or messy (low in fat, high in protein).  Freeze-Dried Treats are absolutely the closest to a raw diet - without the hassle.

Freeze-drying removes about 75% of the weight of meats and seafoods, so there is the same nutrition as in an 84 gram "wet" amount. FREEZE DRIED treats should be kept from humidity to stay fresh.

There are about 40 POgOS Mouse Half Rounds per bag.   POgOS mice are farm raised and fed rations entirely free of growth hormones and chemical additives. They are humanely euthanized by freezing then ground whole and freeze-dried into POgOS half-rounds.
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein ........ (min) 65%
Crude Fat .............. (min) 20%
Fiber ...................... (max) .3%
Moisture ................ (max) .6%
How to feed: Can be fed dry straight from the bag or wet (add water, let sit 10 minutes before serving). Pieces can easily be broken for smaller pets or those finicky about bite size. Since there is no added salt or sugar, pets addicted to spices may have to get used to just pure meat. Let them smell and taste the POgOS. One bite and they'll want more. POgOS are intended to be used as treats, not as a sole diet. Please monitor when giving to pets to avoid overconsumption or choking which could result from over eager gulping. Thank you.  Description provided by the manufacturer or retailer


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