New Shipment! Buy them now! Haribo Super Piratos A Danish Super Salty Black Licorice Treat!

You can get lots of  salty black licorice at Marina Market. Super Piratos is a favorite salty black Danish licorice,  it is a half dollar (US) sized coin that is leather tough and flat and smells of Ammonium chloride (AC).  AC, as I have said before is not true salt but does impart a spicy, salty flavor.  It also gives it that strangely agreeably (to me) earthy taste.  In the Netherlands licorice that is labeled zout or salmiak has the salt flavor from AC, if it is labeled zoet it is considered Sweet licorice but it still (usually) contains (AC) salt.   Because the zoet is salty to American tastebuds (and well, that I list it in the salty licorice catagory.  My European customers understand this and the novice Licorice Explorers appreciate it.  I once had a customer come in and tell me he called poison control because he thought he was going to die from poisoned licorice..... so rather than understate the salty, I overstate.
AC is a natural byproduct of both volcanic and coal ash.  yum-lol!


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