Haribo Chamallow recipe =cooking with Candy can be bad in a bad way!

I believe I found the WORST recipe ever!
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Marshmallow au gratin

Ingredients for 4 persons

4 Chicken fillets/butter
Herbs for chicken/bay leaves
Salt and pepper/ 2 bowls of sweet and sour sauce (800 calories)
1 bag of Haribo Chamallow marshmallows

Cut the chicken fillets into dices and fry them in a wok with the butter and herbs.  When the chicken dices are well done add the sweet and sour sauce.  Season to taste with bay leaves, salt and pepper.  Pour the mixture in an oven proof bowl and cover with chopped Haribo Chamallows.  Grill under broiler until Chamallows are slightly caramelized on top.  Serve with rice or chips.

Original Chamallow recipes at Haribo.de


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