Oh so soft and delicious my lovely Katjes. I heart you gummi Freddy Ferkel and you too Chocolate tappsy!- Sample Chocolate Licorice Tappsy today for National Licorice Day!

The chocolate brown Tappsy Bears celebrate their own party and are inviting you to join in! You are asking yourself what to expect? Soft liquorice and an incomparable chocolate flavour - and that completely without fat! A strapping party hit. Off to the panda party!

Look how worried they look.. it's as if they know they will be eaten devored within moments of me finishing this post.  I wonder if the darlings are psychic?  You can buy these delicious chocolate licorice and more at the Marina Market.
On the other hand Freddy Ferkle aka the pigster looks like he wants to kick my butt! You can get yourself some Katjes Freddy Ferkle gummi at the Marina Market.

Everyone loves our Fred Ferkel. This is plain to see, since who could resist such a sweet guy? Perhaps it is due to the sweet little fruit gum ears, tasting of cherries, strawberries or raspberries, or because of the softly whipped pink foam. In this regard, everyone seems to have a different view - but this doesn't matter as long as they like the taste!


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