October is Fair Trade Month

To view a few of the Fair Trade items we have at Marina Market

October is Fair Trade Month!
TransFair USA is gearing up for another annual Fair Trade Month national campaign -- “31 Days, 31 Ways”

Visit http://www.fairtrademonth.org/ for ways you can participate and engage in the world of fair trade products.

We urge everyone we know to support free trade products whenever they can.

An exciting Cheesehead announcement~

One of my favorite vendors is introducing a fantastic selection of premium quality specialty and organic cheeses:
over 100 products, dozens of cheese varieties, 16 great brands,

from 10 different countries all known for their artisan cheese craft making skills
*100% of the products are rBGH-free
*100% of the domestic SKUs do not contain animal rennet
*Green packaging materials are used where available
*Many organic cheeses
*A selection of raw cheeses

I love raw cheeses! I will definitely be getting whatever cheeses are from my countries of interest.


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