New Katjes Licorice is on it's way from Germany!

We have a special black owl liquorice for all Night owls among you. The black owls come out only at night and disseminate mystical atmosphere. Legend has it that these OWL's are exclusively produced in the dark, to give them a soft and extra sweet licorice taste.

The small Tappsy want out! We believe their chances are not so bad. There are sooo many flavor combinations! Our Tip: Mix it up! Liquorice + foam, Cherry + chocolate, liquorice + Cherry, foam + chocolate...
I love using the bing translator!


  1. Is there any way I could get contacted when those Licorice Owls come in? I'd love to try those! :)

  2. Sure! The best way would be to send me an e-mail at
    I am looking forward to those too!


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