Katjes Red Currant and Mango Melody fruit gummys

The red current is a underestimated fruit in our opinion. Therefore we have devoted this single flavor to a whole bag. If you think the sour taste is exaggerated, then you have not tried it!  The Johannisbeere puree is the Fruchtgummis most intense sour fruity taste. Properly tasty!

"Mmmhhh! mango!" The first thing gave our taster said when she was testing the Mango Melody. Real mango fruit puree and Maracuja juice make this fruit jelly so juicy .  We bet: after the first piece you dance the Mango Tango!

Katjes proudly has no added artificial colors or flavors.
Text translated  from http://www.katjes.de/
You can buy Katjes red currant and mango gummy candy at the Marina Market.


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