Katjes Chili Herring Black Licorice - Drop in for a Sample today, for Memorial Day!

Katjes Chili Herring Licorice

Katjes brings an awesome chewy licorice into the spicy category.  

Don't get me wrong, while I love the hard crunch and burst of heat and salt from spicy  Tyrkisk Peber   from Finland, it is not for everyone.  It's over the top spicy and salty flavors are STRONG!

Unlike the black pepper Fazer uses, the pepper Katjes uses in this licorice is chili pepper, how can you resist it?  I can't!

Fazer Spicy Tyrkisk Peber licorice

Katjes coats this delightful little herring shaped licorice with a salt, sugar and chili mixture that plays with your senses, giving you just a touch of heat that leaves you wanting more.  The licorice itself is sweet, mixed with more chili extract throughout.  The heat is present for the whole chew, however it never comes close to the fiery heat of Tyrkisk Peber.  I would rate this a mild chili licorice.  Definitely a licorice that you can keep eating one after the other.

A big Meow Out to Katjes!  UPDATE- Katjes chili herring is no longer manufactured

You can buy Fazer Tyrkisk Peber at the Marina Market.


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