Haribo Klaxx Sweet German Black Licorice

Haribo Klaxx are so much fun  they are formed the same way as the Haribo Brixx which are the fruity version.  These obviously are black licorice!  You can see that there are two colors of flavored 'morter' in the holes of these licorice building blocks.  It's true, they are filled with coconut or chocolate- YUM!

I know, I know you are thinking 'well that is a little wierd, coconut and black licorice'.  But it works!

With the sweet filling and the sweet black licorice you also get the famous Haribo sugared surface.  Marina Market also has a large selection of Haribo and Katjes Gummi candies.

I love using these to decorate Gingerbread Houses they make great roads and walls.  You can buy Haribo licorice Klaxx at the Marina Market.


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