Toro Mexican Tomato soup mix

I have always wondered why the Norwegian packaged soups by TORO taste so different than American made soups. Well I finally found out! I was looking at and translating from the Toro product information (not that easy, but not that hard either).

They sun dry the vegetables that they use in the dried soups! That was a V-8 head slapping revelation. Of course- that would obviously make the flavors intensify much more that freeze drying them. It also explains why the vegetables rehydrate and look like real sliced vegetables again!
You can buy Toro Mixes from Norway and other Norwegian products at the Marina Market.

A new supply to Toro Products and Norwegian Christmas items will be in stock the week of November 15th.

The Marina Market also carries a variety of Maggi, German and Canadian Knorr soup mixes.


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