Heritage Blackcurrant and licorice toffee candies and Black Licorice laces ropes or string whatever you call them they are fun!

Marina Market carries Sweet and Salty real Black Licorice drop Lakrid, salmaik lakritz, salmiakki liquorice, from Holland, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Australia, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

Buy this Blackcurrant and Licorice Toffee Sweet from the UK. The first word I think of when I eat this is- delicious! The shell of the candy is a tart sweet blackcurrant hard candy. Inside that is a black licorice flavored toffee.

When you first put it in your mouth the blackcurrant flavor is amazing but soon the overwhelming urge to bite down to get to the toffee center wins out. Just like the old owl eating a tootsie pop commercial.

Click here to buy strings of sweet licorice laces.

Another favorite is the old fashioned licorice laces. I have noticed that people call these long strands of licorice by different names depending out what part of the country (or world!) they are from. Some to the different terms I have heard are licorice string, licorice rope, long licorice. What do you call it?
These licorice laces are soft and sweet strands of rope licorice that are great for eating. Many people use them for decorating baking and craft projects.


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