Yes people there is a new hero in the House of Licorice! Dawn Fraser

Dawn, you totally rock my world! I hope that the Red Cross or some Org. gets you to teach people basic safety moves. Wow. 4 Olympic Golds or this at 71- equally impressive and important- fantastic job!

If you don't know who Dawn Fraser is you will now. She won four Olympic gold medals for Australia along with four others and is considered one of the best women swimmers of all-time. She has always been fun. During the 1964 Tokyo Olympics she tried to steal a flag from the front of the Emperor's palace during a middle of the night dare. She was arrested but given the flag later.Well, the other night a guy tried to rob her house. Umm, bad idea. Dawn, who is 71 was walking into her home when a man grabbed her at the front gate."This guy came out of the gate and grabbed me and I grabbed him by the ear and I kicked him in the groin. So he had to let me go. He threatened my life and I got really annoyed about that and just grabbed him by the ear and the hair."Dawn, along with a neighbor who came to help sat on the burglar until the police arrived.
I said in advance of this post.. Enty this woman kicks booty and her story deserves so much exposure that I'm borrowing it. Please visit the awesome site


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