Top Chef Masters Wrap up

Quickfire Challenge Winner Is Michael C. But who pull out the win and the title of Top Chef Master- Chef Rick Bayless! Elevating Mexican cuisine across the borders! I love that the Chefs all had their top person from their kitchen with them.

I also have to say that enjoyed watching each of these Chefs and learning more about them. This was a truly enjoyable show.

I used to think that Dale from the regular Top Chef, was a good guy. Now I think he is a class A jerk. I guess everyone else thinks so too- Michael to win over Dale at 74% in a fight.

Oh well when you pose like a JC Penny Catalog model what can we expect? I had the picture here deleted it over the disrespect. Seriously. I hope I never see Dale again. That made 'me' feel disrespected. It made me feel like I was watching Spike. Again not a fan. At. All .Ever.

I really don't like the editing on this episode. Bringing the "kids" brought all the crap that I don't like. The Drama does not help ratings on foodie junkie shows people!!

Chef Herbert Keller is a true class act. He is the epitome of intelligent cooking. Actually I think all of these final Chefs are true Masters of the Mind.

I think that this Masters version clears the way to see who will win.. It has always been a super calm and focused Chef
Anita - I love your ideas and have a goal of eating your food someday!


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