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The Health Care Circus29 07 2009
Ever wonder why we need healthcare reform so badly in this country? There are two ways to consider that question. One is “Why is this so necessary?” The answer is starkly illustrated in a great new NPR story. NPR reported about a mobile rural health clinic that’s currently visiting the Appalachians (source: NPR). I would say that the story and the pictures look like they’re from a Third World country, but I would get angry letters from people in Bangladesh and Ghana: “Hey! We don’t treat our people like that!” It certainly doesn’t look like it’s happening in the United States. Well, maybe in the United States in 1920. The clinic takes place at Virginia’s Wise County Fairgrounds—and I’m sure it’s the biggest circus ever to visit those fairgrounds. It’s hard to imagine this open-air temporary hospital is operating in Virginia today. It looks like the kind of emergency medical hospital that would be operating in Virginia in 1861… after the Battle of Bull Run. But it’s not the mid-nineteenth century. It’s 21st century America, and it’s a disaster scene. The disaster is our healthcare system; not a natural disaster, more of an unnatural disaster.
The second sense of the question why we need healthcare reform so badly in this country is “Why in the name of God can’t we get this done?” You may be tempted to blame the Republicans, and they’re certainly doing everything they can to wreck healthcare reform. But they don’t have the power or numbers to do it alone. They’re getting (hopefully) unwitting help from (hopefully) well-meaning, but misguided “moderate” Democrats known as Blue Dogs (source: The Washington Post). Blue Dogs are the price we pay for having a large majority in Congress (Blue Dog Members: Wikipedia) The only way to do that is to have an unruly majority. Blue Dogs are the living rebuttal to the saying “You’re either with us, or against us.” At times the Blue Dogs are both with us and against us. Still, the worst Democrat is better than the best Republican. Think of the Blue Dogs as domesticated Republicans in the same sense that dogs are domesticated wolves. It’s better to have a misbehaved Democratic Blue Dog in your home than to have a wild Republican wolf at the door. Unfortunately, on healthcare reform—it appears the Blue Dogs have gone feral. Until we can get them to behave, we’re going to have circuses like the one at the Wise County Fairgrounds.
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