Fazer dominates my tastebuds with chocolate licorice bars

These two chocolate bars by Fazer are pure Finnish delights! The first contains chewy licorice taffy nuggets in the fresh milk chocolate that Fazer is famous for. No dried milk makes Fazer chocolate .. well think of the tongue feel between cream and non fat. Enough.

This is an example of what I was teased with a sample of and what is indeed a glorious bite of chocolate and salmiakki pillows of soft goodness.
I love you Fazer!
We are entering 'talks' with the company about the chocolate/licorice.
I envision myself as a smaller Princess Kong holding on to the last bits of these bars (from Finn friends) saying "Please may we have more!!" lol! Well I'm finally getting Product from Norway again: Nero bar, Knott, Skipper, IFA and Sour sigeman.


  1. You know what? I think Europe produced the best chocolate ever. My boss from Germany used to bring back all those lovely chocolates whenever he came back from a visit(it was 20 years ago). Now, I'm a stay at home mom!


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