Top Chef Masters Round Four- I love them all!

Douglas Rodriguez- no clue what he is making for QF so he probably wins

Anita Lo -Wow Soft Scrambled eggs in the shell- how cool!

John Besh - aww! icky eggs! I'm sad for John!

Mark Peel Holy Crap He is making pasta! With one hand


  1. Yea Anita! What an amazing sounding scrambled egg.

  2. I'm swooning from the food I just saw. Congratulations to Chef Anita! I will have to check and see if any of the other Chefs in the finale have Michelin stars besides her. That is serious.

    Most of the Chefs seem to have James Beard Rising Chef or Area Chef Awards. To me personally -this is exciting because looking at the cover of a magazine with a huge group of talented chefs who's food I'll never meet is very sad to me.!!

    Back to our winning Anita
    Poaching a fake daikon 'scallop' filled with steak tartar inside was genius!


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