Something very exciting is going on at the Marina Market next week and it's all about the Licorice Shrine!

I got a very exciting e-mail today and we are going to have a very special day next week! I will be sending out a newsletter telling all about it and yes it is all about the the black sweet and salty licorice-because that is HOW we roll!

OMG (I have been wanting to use that for years!) 12 year old would roll eyes I'm sure!

Our own lutefisk TV dinner is featured in the new Lutefisk Movie! How cool is that! I will be selling copies in the store and online and as soon as I get the OK we will be playing clips in the continuous loop screen in the store~!

More one the in a post next week.

Oh also during the 'Street Dance' in August and the 'Fall Harvest Festival' in September our Front Street will have a Beer Garden and in keeping with the Family Friendly themes -we needed a Family Friendly area! So in our Marina Market parking lot we will have a Root Beer Garden (with our famous Harry Potter Butter Beer Floats) and a kids Farmer's Market. All the Kids either already sell what they make at local Farmers Markets or will make a batch/run at the family factory for this event and give a portion of the profits to their selected charity.

We have such a fantastic community in Kitsap and Poulsbo!


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