ficoco fig and cocoa spread

Last night we had a very special treat! For a fresh picked strawberry dessert (a rarity) DH made dipping sauce with a Rachel's Pomegranate Acai yogurt mixed with some delicious ficocoa spread It was amazing!

This simple photo explains it all!
Fat free, gluten free, sugar free and full of flavor.


  1. OMG - I need to go out looking for that!! Two of my favourite flavours...

  2. Hmmm I thought I posted a comment about this before. I LOVE this combination - heavenly!

  3. Hi Mardi! We have a sample jar open in the store, stop by for a taste!

  4. Wish I could - am in Australia right now!

  5. Well hop a plane- it's worth it-lol!

    I bet you can find it locally.

  6. Hey Katja,

    The folks at Ficoco read this post and contacted me to see if I would like some samples! So thanks! (I have not fouind it either in Australia or in Toronto where I live!)


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