This is the beginning of what I'm calling my foodie bucket list.

This is the beginning of what I'm calling my foodie bucket list. Things I really want to try. Some I've I have already eaten and some that will challenge me, like Natto did.

1. Natto (eaten by mistake, during my 4 years in Cali.)
See my post @Gourmet Girls site: Kitchen Rap

Natto is seriously nasty. The fermented stringy strands coming from the fermented soybeans stick and are like spiderwebs on your chopsticks. It is like durian cotton candy that is slimy, smelly and icky.

This photo is baby natto= older natto strands of bacteria look like a blizzard.

I ordered it by accident when I was out with my roommate Tracy and her friend Hiroshi who had just given us both rad, fab amazing hairstyles. Did I mention he was SO cute??

Someone at the (it's nighttime now) sushi bar said (edamame) and I piped in I love that! Looks of surprise from both and I said "I love soybeans', let's split an order." Thinking duh Tracy knows I eat these. A slight twinge- why did Trac give me a weird? Am I being flirty? Does She like him? I must have haircut hairs in my eye and these edamame look strange, ewww what is that on my beans?? I tried to eat them (the he's cute factor) but the smell was so funky, the stringy junky smelly (etc). I gave up.

I'm sure watching me eat it is a story they tell to this day!
This is a hybrid post. I love a 100 count idea! I'm going to leave in items that are 'of note' like Natto.

I am going to modify the original 100 because many items on the list were normal food to me. I invite you to change up the list (the original or this one) and lets do our own foodie explorer bit.

For example in the States a pancakes with butter and maple syrup is a breakfast treat.

However in Asia an oat and seafood 'soup' is the morning meal. I can relate to this as I come from a farming/Native family and we ate a non sweet morning meal

Anyway that is my Natto story!

What have you tried that has tested your inner foodie?


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