Serious Pie Seattle.

Serious Pie My MIL and I went to Tom Douglas's Pizza place Serious Pie, in Seattle during her visit. We were there during 'happy hour' from 3-5 (I think!) and a 1/2 sized pizza was $5. We sampled what I have highlighted in bold. It was really really good! The crust was the typical wood fired oven crispy with air pockets. However, the dough seemed to have a fair amount of cornmeal in it which loosened up the gluten in the crust and gave it a very easy 'bite through'.

The house made duck prosciutto was truly amazing! The texture was identical to Jamon and the flavor was all duck. This was a real treat! We also had a salad that was on special that has roasted baby beets and turnip and snap peas.
I wish I'd written down all of the ingredients because I'd love to try and replicate it. The peas tasted of anise or fennel. which was a really nice summer combo that I am going to use myself!
Starter Menu
baby lettuces, radish, muscatel vinaigrette 8
duck proscuitto, pickled apricot, arugula 9
asparagus, anchovy, pecorino salvatore 7
fava beans, local radishes, miner's lettuce 8
artichokes, proscuitto, baked egg 9
house lomo, arbequina olive oil 8

Again the pizza in bold are the ones we tried. The concierge at Nordstroms recommended the potato pizza and just as she said it was really wonderful. A simple rustic no brainer if you think back to the basic economics of Italy when pizza evolved.
I was really excited to try both the egg and the clam pizza's because I had just watched Jamie At Home ant the pizza episode a few days prior. I was not a letdown and I will say it's a tie between these two combinations for the best artisan pizza ever!

Pizza Menu
buffalo mozzarella, san marzano tomato 14
yukon gold potato, rosemary, olive oil 14
cherry bomb peppers, sweet fennel sausage 16
roasted chanterelles, truffle cheese 16
guanciale, soft egg, arugula 15
penn cove clams, house pancetta, lemon thyme 15
house salumi, caramelized onions, sole di sardegna 16
roasted porcini, smoked pancetta, wood violet 16


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