Ritter Sport Rum- Coming Soon!

Ritter Sport Rum will soon be in the house!

I am very happy that I will soon be getting these delicious rum flavored mini ritter sports to join my collection of ritter bars. I have the hard to find ritter sport peanut and peppermint. Sadly I don't see the coconut on the ritter sport website so I fear that it is gone. It's a shame if that is true-it was the best coconut chocolate combo invented by humankind ever!
UPDATE ON THE RITTER COCONUT BAR: Sadly a friend who was just visiting Germany said she looked everywhere for a Ritter Coconut bar and had no luck. Sad, sad news.


  1. Hi cem here thru Jenn's blog ...love Ritter sport...the macademia and almond.
    Rum is new to me...should be on my list now. :)

    u got a nice place.

  2. I don't know that one but will ask for it!
    I love Jenns' blog too!


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