Injections Of Licorice Ingredient Show Promise As Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

The research involving licorice root is really kicking up some dirt these days. I don't know how you feel about animal testing but I have mixed thoughts on it that are very complex.

On the one hand I think that 'what is, is.' and I don't like to change the natural path of life. However life is not black and white but is in fact all about overlap so it is gray. That said, while I could have no sympathy for someone who knowingly became a coke addict, what about the "Trainspotting" effect? Crack babies have no choice and (like stem cell research) I would 100% support it. Even so, I am conflicted with my own views. I am not overtly religous, however I try to live a good and true life and to support my fellow humans by being involved in the foodbank and other 'real' activities. So while I do feel something for the rats, I think of the babies and it seems ok.

SO here is the study:

An ingredient in licorice shows promise as an antidote for the toxic effects of cocaine abuse, including deadly overdoses of the highly addictive drug, researchers in Korea and Pennsylvania are reporting. Their study is in the Jan. 2 issue of ACS' Journal of Proteome Research, a monthly publication. In the new study, Meeyul Hwang, Chae Ha Yang, and colleagues note that there is currently no effective medicine for treating cocaine abuse or addiction. Recent animal studies conducted by the researchers show that a licorice ingredient called isoliquiritigenin (ISL) can block the nervous system's production of dopamine. That neurotransmitter is involved in emotion, movement, and other brain activities. Cocaine and other addictive drugs stimulate dopamine and help produce the pleasurable and addictive effects. Drugs that block dopamine block this response. The scientists used rats as model animals to show that rats injected with ISL just prior to cocaine-administration showed 50 percent less of the behavioral effects associated with the illicit drug. They also showed that ISL injections protected nerve cells in the brain from cocaine-associated damage. "Proteomic and Behavioral Analysis of Response to Isoliquiritigenin in Brains of Acute Cocaine Treated Rats"

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