How hormones in beef are effecting candy sales

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New 100% tariffs (and higher), are meant to pressure countries in the European Union to lift a ban on American beef raised on hormones, in filled chocolate bars, raspberry and lingonberry preserves and soups. The complete docket can be viewed here. But who really pays the price? The American small business owner and the American consumer. This is of GREAT concern to me and I have been e-mailing every Government office I can think of because these products are the a huge part of my business.

The article Can Roquefort Survive a 300% Tariff? in French Cuisine by Larry Ervin is a good look at the last slap we got from our previous President.

Our currant First Lady gets knocked for having a lawn garden as Presidents past have had.
Yet Laura Bush mandated that the White House kitchen was to serve organic foods whenever possible.

Frankly, over the top water consumption (hello Celene Dion- go waste Canada's water!) pisses me off! But the using the same water footprint raising food- that is right on track.

Singled out for an even higher duty is Roquefort cheese, which may become such a high-end luxury it will no longer be sold in the U.S. Blondieandbrownie says 'goodbye' to beloved stinky cheese.

Here is a link to my previous post concerning lingonberries, with recipes.


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