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I am very pleased that I will be meeting 15 other Seattle area Foodbuzzers at Brasa this Sunday March 8th. We are going to meet in the lounge for Happy Hour and have half price items from the Brasa Bar menu > I for one am looking forward to a Spanish feast! Paella, Spanish Fried Squid, and Cataplana Fish Stew are what I want to try.

A Cataplana cooking vessel is pictured to the left. The term Cataplana is used both as the name of the dish served as well as the pot it is made in akin to tagine or tandoor. The Cataplana is shaped like a giant clamshell and you can see from the picture it has clamps at the sides to hold it shut during cooking.
From the recipes I looked at you use any combination of fresh seafood that you like- fish, squids and shellfish. Then follow the basic directions below.
Cover the bottom of the cataplana with onions, garlic, and olive oil
Add green and red peppers and tomato
Arrange the fish in the cataplana and add more onions and garlic on top
Add parsley, cilantro, tomato sauce, salt and pepper
Cut one pre cooked potato into four and add to the ingredients already in the cataplana
Add aromatic herbs and olive oil, white and port wines to the stew
Finally, close the cataplana and put on the stove for 15 to 20 minutes -Enjoy!

The fine people at Foodbuzz are going to contribute $50 per person toward the dinner, which is amazing! Then all 16 of us are going to review, review, review! Thank you Foodbuzz!

Frommer's Review
Chef Tamara Murphy
, much lauded over the years by national food magazines, is one of Seattle's finest chefs, and here, at her attractive Belltown restaurant, she has introduced many a Seattleite to the joys of Mediterranean cuisine. Because the space is equally divided between lounge and dining room, and because it serves dinner until midnight on weekends, Brasa attracts a wide range of diners -- from foodies out for an evening of haute cuisine and fine wine to revelers looking for a late-night bite. If you've got a few dinner companions, start with a variety of tapas; then, for entrees, stick to the wood-fired and grilled items and you won't go wrong.


  1. Ooh thanks for the info on Cataplana, I hadn't heard of it before. I'm excited about the aquid too. I really have no idea yet what to order. Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. ditto! I'm going to close the store a little early so I can get the 5:30 ferry. Did you see that the lounge menu is 1/2 price from 6-8!!!! With that in mind we can try everything :)

    ah, well that
    (discount%) just changed..

    but it's still discounted, I'm sure it's the economy (not us!)I'm feeling it for my friends with so much labor cost..

    My 11 year old boy wants me to bring him something home, I think the vegie empanada will be the 'traveling food' But he would take an ice cream the next day too~


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