Real Life hard times means supporting Online Friends

Life can pull big punches that's for sure. I didn't know wren but I am glad her people reached out to her online friends- yes they are 'real'. I was thinking of this issue last night at 2:30 AM while reading my DH's e-mail mailwasher preview subject lines.

I was working on Sunday at the store and our 11 year old, who was home with D at about 2:30 in the afternoon. "Mom come home something bad is happening" well the 10 minute ride took 5, and I found out that all the neighbors on our 7 house lane were not home but a friend across the way would meet me at the house. Got home- 911 at once. poor darling DH was having a seizure. he had 2 more on the way in the ambulance.

my darling again almost killed by medications he didn't want to take. So an idea -~ yes thankfully I keep having them.

But seriously since my DH has 'the worst side effects' to medications, his DNA or blood should be worth at least as much as his bill in research $-?

Please support single payer insurance. I'd love to ski again but have no insurance


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