Caramellasticks are caramel flavored salmiak licorice by K&H Holland

This Dutch Caramel licorice is quite interesting. When you open the bag, an almost overwhelming scent of caramel envelopes your senses.

They are fairly soft, softer than rockies licorice anyway. As you can see the caramel is on the outside, the licorice on the inside, snug as a bug in a rug. (Ha, I finally got to use that one!) To add complexity to the flavors there is a touch of Dutch- that's right ammonium chloride is in the house! But when you think about it caramel with different salts and unusual ingredients added is the rage right now. An example is the caramels with bacon at

I am actually going to send some salmiak licorice to these chocolatiers and they are going to enrobe some of them in chocolate and mail them back to me! I think this caramel would be a good one to send. I was thinking troll sticks from Denmark would be really good too. They already taste a bit like chocolate even though they contain zero chocolate.

The caramel licorice is one the salmiak licorice that people who don't usually like salty licorice will enjoy and take a second or third piece!


  1. wow this is new, I have not seen this before

  2. I know! It's one of those weird combinations that somehow 'work'!


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