My fab homemade Dungeness crabcakes!

I made so drop dead dungeness crab cakes the other night.
My recipe is simple - picked crab (however much is left after picking them), a couple of Tablespoons of Sierra Nevada Stout mustard,
2-3 beaten eggs,
and Marsala wine about 1-2 tbs bepending on how much crab mixture you have.
I mixed the crab, egg, marsala and mustard together and dipped the patty into panko to give it a crust when fried. I ended up patting down the panko pretty well into the patty. The end of the batch I added the panko to the bowl and made the patty without the extra on top. It was good both ways. I think next time I will try whipping egg whites to a stiff batter and seeing who that turns out. Could be good!
I use a smidgen of Danish Lurpak butter in a non-stick pan for flavor. Well maybe a bit more than a smidge.
My husbands comment "what is that flavor? omg it's crab!" Ha ha. But very true. I absolutely hate crab cakes from restaurants it's all filler. I'd rather have an tiny trio of cake that are all crab than a plate full of bread with a flake of crab. ugh.
Off for home and homemade tomato soup! I'm really excited about it. I added Snofrisk Spreadable goat cheese from Norway. It is a goat cream cheese basically. I also added cumin and soft chunks of la brea sourdough and used my magic wand that I love blending my soups with.


  1. okay...i'm trying this recipe. i can't believe i have sierra nevada mustard in my pantry!

  2. That mustard is so good! Let me know what you think-


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