Fazer chocolate made with fresh whole milk

Wondering where you can buy Fazer chocolate from Finland? Look no more!
"Fazer "Blue" milk chocolate is made from fresh milk and high quality cocoa beans and has a unique, creamy, soft and rich taste that makes it difficult to share."

This is the claim from the Fazer website and guess what - it's true! The difference in this chocolate is in the whole fresh milk used in the formula instead of dry milk powder that is the common ingredient in other milk chocolates. The result is a creamy chocolate that envelops your whole mouth and all of your taste buds, not just the ones the chocolate hits on the way 'down the hatch'. This then is what I would consider a chocolate for dieters, as one square would be enough to satisfy. The flavors linger on your palate for a long while after consuming it.

Ingredients: Milk, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soya lecithin), salt, flavorings (vanilla, vanillin). Cocoa solids 30% minimum and milk solids 20% minimum.May contain traces of hazelnuts and wheat Weighs: 7 oz (200g)

I am an avid Top Chef fan and I am looking forward to tonight's episode. I have to say I was among the disappointed last week. I don't think Radaka had the drive to win this but I do think Leah should have gone home. I'm guessing that Leah, and Hosea (I only cheat on National T.V) were kept for ratings. But are foodies into that? Everyone I know who watches is annoyed at the drama. If it were food sabotage it would be interesting but who cares about this cheating garbage? Well I'll guess that the gf/bf at home care a whole lot about the public humiliation aspect.

My pals and fellow salmiakki licorice lovers over at Life by Chocolate have offered to enrobe my favorite salmiakki in chocolate! Yum, I just have to decide on which is my favorite. Heksenhyl? I don't think a hard candy like Fazer Tyrkisk Peber would work because the delight in the licorice & chocolate mix is chewing it and allowing the flavors to mix and wash around in your mouth.
Looking back on this post it seems like Fazer makes the best candy in Finland!


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