International Holiday sweets

Pflastersteine is actually called 'Basler Leckerli'. I did not take the time to translate the measurements, we use scales in Europe when we bake. Also there is an ingredient listed you can not get in the states Pottasche, I think I used baking soda instead (haven't made this in a year and forgot to write it down). Basler Leckerli 375 g honey 250 g sugar 12 g pottasche (or baking soda) 1 shotglass kirschwasser (cherryschnaps, make sure it is the german one, it is not sweet at all) 65 g each candied orange and lemon peel 90 g chopped almonds a little bit of cinnamon 1/2 tsp cloves a little bit of ground nutmeg 625 g mehl Heat the honey in a pot and melt the sugar in it. Let it cool a little bit. Add the baking soda and the kirschwasser. In little batches add the lemon and orange peel , almonds, spices and the flour. Work into a dough. Cover it and let it rest overnight. The next day roll it out on a greased cookiesheet (about knifethick) and put into the preaheated oven. Bake 20 min @ 200 degrees celsius (400 Fahrenheit). After baking cut in rectangles or triangles. Can also be glazed. If you have questions or need help converting, you can e-mail at for the conversion try, they have a conversion table. If you would like, I have another spice cookie recipe to share, it is called Berlinbread. Hope this helps. Frohe Weihnachten/merry Christmas

By The Canadian Living Test Kitchen
Canadian Living Magazine recipe : December 2007


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