Holiday sale Bahlsen gingerbread lebkuchen cookies, Rieglein foil wrapped chocolate bells, santas, ornaments

Stock up on Lebkuchen gingerbread before they are gone for the year!

These cute little Santa's are just the right size for munching, Look how cute the two hiding behind the snow covered trees are. We should eat them first! These Riegelein chocolates are of the finest quality.

There are only a few of the Riegelein Assorted packs left. They contain a Santa and a Father Christmas, three solid milk chocolates with a foil design of a rocking horse, a bear and an auto. Zoom, Zoom!

Also in this mixed tray are two fondant eggs, as well as a fondant star & a heart. The chocolate covered filled star and wreath are very yummy and the crunchy non-perils go well with the deep chocolate flavors. Rounding the assortment out are two fruity European style gellee candies.

Akora Lebkuchen comes covered in a either whole milk chocolate or dark (pictured). Imagine biting into a spicy pillow of gingerbread only to find a moist and delicious fruit filling. That is a mouthful of pure heaven that should be on every ones tasting "bucket list".

View the complete selection of delicious German lebkuchen cookies here.
All are fresh dated at least through the end of May, 2009.


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