Finally Coke and Pepsi will sweeten with Stevia!

This is an FYI. I love using stevia

Coca-Cola Co. is expected to launch a drink in the U.S. this week made with Truvia, a sweetener derived from stevia, even though FDA has not officially cleared the additive. Coke plans to market three flavors of a juice drink in its Odwalla line that contain the sweetener, according to people familiar with Coke's plans. Pepsi has several drinks ready to go in the U.S. market with the sweetener, three flavors of a zero-calorie SoBe Lifewater and an orange-juice drink called Trop50, containing half the calories and sugar of OJ. However, Pepsi is waiting for FDA to clear the additive. Coke also aims to put the sweetener in a version of Glaceau Vitamin water early next year, according to Beverage Digest, reported The Wall Street Journal

STEVIA EXTRACT APPROVED AS FOOD ADDITIVE BY WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION !!!!! Last week in Geneva, the JECFA ( Joint Expert Committee on food Additives) of the World Health Organization approved the use of steviol/glycosides ( the sweet substances of the stevia leaves) as a safe food additive and assigned a ADI ( accepted daily intake) of 4 mg/kg of body weight. This means that in the future all European Countries will be allowed to use stevia extracts not only as a sweetener but also as flavor enhancer in many food applications. This is a great victory for the consumer and brings a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment for Steviafarma/Stevita which since its inception in 1988 believed and worked hard to make stevia a safe, healthy and natural food to be enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world. During the last few years many companies, with very little or no experience in the stevia business have indicated their intention to enter in this business. We welcome this interest and the positive awareness that it brings about the benefits of stevia as a natural non-caloric sweetener. Years of experience, and as leaders in the agricultural and extraction phases of the stevia business allow the Stevita brand stevia a deserved ranking as the best in quality and the favorite brand of stevia in the US and world markets. Here is a nice review of Virgil's diet root beer at Forever a kid blog.


  1. Be aware, TRUVIA is --NOT-- Stevia, not by a long shot! TRUVIA is a synthetic creation from the lab, isolating the molecular constuct that makes Stevia so sweet. Once again, they tinker with nature and come up with something else instead of just using what nature provides. See for REAL, 100% natural (and great tasting, I might add) Stevia sweetened sodas in a wide variety, including Cola. Stick to true Stevia and avoid the synthetic garbage.


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