Benefits of canned cod livers and cod liver oil

Our Cod Liver is canned and exported from Norway and has a spicy aroma and subtle taste. This product is very popular in Russia as an ingredient of cod liver salad. And for the Cod Liver novices out there - Did you know that Cod Liver does not taste or smell anything like cod liver oil? This is because, during the processing and before canning, the cod liver oil is extracted and the pure liver is packed in vegetable oil and salts to give it that delicious and unique taste.

Ryan's Fancy sings Cod Liver Oil
Nutritional Value of cod liver oil
Recipe from Nami Nami an Estonian food blog

Cod liver salad(Tursamaksasalat)1 can of cod liver chunks, drained (reserve the oil)1 small shallot, chopped1 pickled cucumber, finely chopped1 boiled egg, choppedsaltblack pepperMix all the ingredients, add some of the reserved oil to make it moister, if you want.

Canned Fish FactsTuna belongs to the Scombridae Family, which also includes mackerel and bonito.
Salmon live in both saltwater and freshwater, migrating from one to the other.
Canned food was invented in France in the early 1800s as a way of feeding armies.
Can openers were invented thirty years after canned food.
The first American canning factory opened in New York City in 1812.
Sardines can also be known as pilchards.
Canned fish is a good source of lean protein and is high in calcium.


  1. Cod liver oil is so rich in vitamins and minerals that it is touted as a super food. They contributes to good heart function, prevents heart disease, treats it in advanced stages and helps the heart recover after an attack. Thanks a lot.

    Cod Liver Oil Benefits

  2. better canned in its own oil, veg oil is omega 6 and better avoided


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