The Seattle Food Experience 2008 review part one Port Ludlow resort rocks a New Bedford Scallop!

This is a pan of pure bliss. Filled with tender New Bedford Bay Scallops being poached in a Buttery Madagascar Vanilla bean beurre blanc sauce.

Foodbuzz sent me to cover this event and the irony of getting a 'food buzz' is evident just looking around at all the people practically frothing at the mouth being so near other foodies. It's delicious!

Michael Ruhlman gives great tips and hints on making a beurre blanc sauce on his site. And as an added bonus you can learn 'cheats' from a reply post by culinary hero Bourdain in the comments section. Cool beans!

This is the end result. The scallop was tender and creamy and the little dots of the Madagascar vanilla beans gave it a heavenly flavor and intoxicating scent. It was resting on a bed or organic sauteed baby spinach and watercress. This was hands down the best menu sample at the event.

The Resort at Port Ludlow is definitely on my list of places to eat because if they serve an excellent scallop on the road (a daring feat!) then I can only imaging how good the meal would be from their kitchen.
Apparently the New Bedford Scallop is very highly regarded, a poster over at the Biggest Menu shows one from the French Laundry it was certainly the best scallop I've ever had!

Claudio Corallo Chocolate and Cacao was used to make this feathery dark chocolate mousse. It had delightful bits of dark chocolate that melted in slippery buttery goodness. This little sample cup was small but its flavors were balanced so well that it was enough.

This is the cacau powder they used in the mousse. It was mighty fine mousse. I tasted one of the whole roasted beans and it was good too, much better than the roasted nibs I've tried in the past.

This was much better in my opinion than the featured dessert Alaska Silk Pie. That was a trio of tangerine, key lime and passion fruit or something. It certainly wasn't bad, it was good in fact but I wouldn't call it the best dessert I ever had like the Deen boys did on their road show.

I think I'm going to look into carrying the Claudio Corallo Chocolate and Cacao.

I took these pictures with my camera phone and the lighting at Qwest Field had a blue tinge.


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