Octopus from Etta's slam dunks the Seattle Food and Wine Experience 2008

Etta's is a great Tom Douglas operation and they had another hit with this interesting take on Bruschetta. Flash seared saffron braised squid was the topping. Lying upon chunk of Spanish chorizo nestled on a garlic chick pea puree and salsa Verde made with preserved lemon, harissa oil, poached garlic (takes the bite out) and piquillo peppers .

Honestly I could taste every single flavor in this dish at a different moment in time. I wouldn't have thought to put squid and chickpeas together but upon doing a search I see that it is actually a tapas combination found fairly often. It was really really good.

The kids working the booth were both knowledgeable and friendly, another trademark of a Tom Douglas restaurant.

The only sadness that I have about the Food and Wine Experience is that when I was there on Sunday The Farm Kitchen wasn't.
At www.Foodbuzz.com you can find other foodbuzz corespondents reflections on this event as well as my own. To foodbuzz, I thank you again for giving me the joy of sitting down in a (makeshift) room filled with every kind of Kitchen aid mixer and attachment known to man. I'm still dreaming about them and I have owned one for years!


  1. Hey Katja! Just wanted to let u know as far as CDAN and EL and Seattle goes, you're on! The day EL comes up here to have a few drinks I say we make an event of it! LOL


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