More Seattle food experience 2008 featuring two Seattle Innovative Chefs from Serafina and Crush

This wild boar sausage from Serafina was seriously good. It must be that they added grapes (what kind?) because the red wine flavor really came through and was an excellent partner with the boar. The sausages were made in house (easily they claim) and that intrigued me to take a look at their menu and indeed there was a rabbit sausage.

Serafina Salsicce di Coniglio
House made rabbit sausage roasted and served with pancetta-pine nut farro, braised Savoy cabbage and a Cascade huckleberry-red wine sauce. This sounds so yummy!

This is the apples with Smoked bacon powder which was just kind of a weird bacon smoked cornstarch (I think). It gave me many great Top Chef Memories of our beloved smoke crazed Chef Richard Blais.

The pork belly was Very Very Good! As a James Beard Nominee and a Food and Wine top 10 Chef pick, Chef Jason Wilson led me willingly into the land of pork belly and I'm glad he did!

Hopefully another bloggers photo turned out and you can see it. It was about the size of a postage stamp and about a 3/4" thick. The Bourbon Cider Glaze was a demi- glaze I would guess as it was quite thick and it had an incredible deep golden sheen to it. The flavor combo as you can imagine really complemented the velvety fatty texture of the pork belly. Definitely a treat! is an amazing organization that I am happier to be associated with more and more as each day passes. It is really nice to have found a community that shows that foodies are bound by similar life outlooks no matter what part of the globe the are in. The eat local, eat fresh movement is very evident globally. Thanks foodbuzz for sending me to this event!


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