Yes, Licorice Altoids are in the house

Liquorice Altoids are increasingly hard to find but we have them. Hopefully Callard and Bowser will never decide to discontinue making licorice Altoids. I know so many people who still can't believe they decided to stop making the licorice toffees. I am one of them.

Licorice Altoids are strong, spicy and sweet in one bite. If you try licorice altoids and love them you are ready to step into the land of salty black licorice!

TV Pastilles are similar to Licorice Altoids on the white side, the browner side has salty salmiak added to the licorice.

Licorice facts:
Diosciodes a famous herbalist and surgeon who traveled with Nero’s armies in the 1st century AD, found that Licorice could be used to treat wounds and skin disease

Glycyrrhizin contains a similar chemical structure to that of human steroid hormones
Today, naturopaths prescribe licorice for external ulcerous conditions such as burns, eczema and urticaria (which is swelling induced by poisonous plants or allergic reactions) and for internal ulcerous conditions such as bronchitis, sore throat and upper respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract infections


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