Lutefisk, Lefsa, yah, yah, you betcha

Yes they are real! Buy a Lutefisk TV Dinner here today!
Lutefisk TV Dinners are very popular especially in families where only one person likes Lutefisk.
In the spring and summer months it is a familiar sight to see a lone person on the bench in front of the store eating a Lutefisk TV Dinner prepared in the store microwave.
If it's wintertime in the Northwest and the rain and wind are blowing the eating will usually be in the store. We like to get into the spirit early in the season by playing Stan Borenson. I love Stan, when he comes through town he always stops in for Poulsbo Pickled Herring .
When you have a taste for lutefisk you will probably also want to get
And of course Lefse- Lena's Lefse is the best we have ever tried hands down. It is made by traditionally by hand with whole real (dinner plate sized last year!) potatoes. Never made with potato flakes like most commercial
For anyone who can't take the leap of faith to try lye soaked codfish then I suggest "Our Best" Swedish Meatballs 2lbs of tender, delicately spiced Swedish Meatballs. A perfect Scandinavian style Winter dinner that can be made in minutes.


  1. I like Swedish meatballs like the one at Ikea!

  2. These taste like the Ikea ones. I think it's the nutmeg.

  3. I am originally from Duluth, Minnesota and just about died when I saw lutefisk on your blog! Where are you from?

  4. I was born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, raised all over the D.C. area and the Dakotas. Ended up in 'Little Norway' aka Poulsbo, WA.


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