Gov. Chris Gregoire Visits the Marina Market and buys licorice!

Our own Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire came to town today and she bought New Zealand's best licorice, RJ's soft eating licorice (both the Black and the Raspberry) for her daughter Michelle.

She also voted for my scarecrow as best (and signed it) so I could show off, Um, I mean tell people she endorsed my scarecrow! I'll have to post a photo of it. It's head is made of Gouda cheese wheel, the eyes, hair and smile are licorice. It is wearing a Marina Market shirt and a pirate apron. Little tiny mice and big rats are nibbling it. Oh and a hippo is open wide to chomp down too.

I am going to post about the fantastic time I had eating my way through the Seattle food and wine experience yesterday, courtesy of FOODBUZZ! Thanks again Shannon!


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