Get WSU Cougar Gold Cheese at the Marina Market in Poulsbo for all APPLE CUP Parties in 2009

Buy Cougar Gold Cheese in a can to celebrate Apple Cup at Marina Market.
For years I have been asked to carry Cougar Gold Cheese from old Wazoo, otherwise know as Washington State University. So finally here it is the famous white cheddar cheese in a can from the equally famous WSU Creamery.

I have to agree that Cougar Gold cheese is really good. This batch of Cougar Gold Cheese (made by Andrew) has already been aged for 2 years. Flavor crystals have already begun to form in the cheese, much like they do in extra aged Goudas. Cougar Gold is a flakier cheese that the firm Goudas that I am familiar with. This white Cheddar crumbles more in the style of a Stilton. Although the Cougar Gold it crumbles it seems to be a bit firmer than a feta as well, although when we crumbled it to make a divine cheese sauce it came off in an irregular chunk much like a large feta cheese would do.

The flavor of this cheese is as good as the cheese heads have been telling me, so I am very glad to have listened to them!


The Apple Cup is the annual college football rivalry game between the two largest universities in the U.S. state of Washington; the University of Washington (UW) Huskies and the Washington State University (WSU) Cougars. It is traditionally the final game of the regular season and takes place on the Saturday preceding Thanksgiving at Husky Stadium in Seattle during odd years, and WSU's Martin Stadium in Pullman during even years.


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