Winter is here, it's time for Toro brand Norwegian Yellow Pea soup

Buy whole yellow and green peas at Marina Market We are sampling this soup in the store during the month of December so saddle up the pony and come on down! I am going to sample soups all winter in my quest to see which ones will work well in the crock pot.

Fall and winter mean that it's time to brush off the Authentic Norwegian Cookbook and get a recipe for a tummy warming thick hearty pea soup. I also like the Keri Diehl's Swedish Pea Soup recipe at Food which I find very interesting because it has ginger and grainy mustard added to the soup.
I think that sounds very intriguing, the Dutch mustard I would use for that would be ZAANSE GRAINED MUSTARD which is really grainy, but not so much as tracklements mustard. Another really good mustard- and a mustard festival metal winner is the SIERRA NEVADA STOUT MUSTARD 226G . I just spread this mustard on sourdough Havarti grilled cheese
sandwiches the other night. They were really, really good! The Sierra Nevada mustard was really fluffy. I don't think I've ever had a mustard with such a strong (stout) taste that was so fluffy.

I love this Norwegian Cookbook by Astrid Karlsen Scott. Not only because she shops here (and had said she will add me to the resource page in the next addition) but because this is a fantastic cookbook!

Marina Market also carries Knorr and Maggi German dried soup Mixes.


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