What Droste milk Chocolate letters are available, and why don't they make all the letters?

Giving a Chocolate letter representing the initial of a persons name is a thoughtful and inexpensive and delicious gift. Chocolate letters in the 65g size were $2.00 each last year.

You can buy deHeer Milk or Dark Chocolate letters here. I have been told that the Droste letters will not be available this year.

Quick Facts about Chocolate Sinterklaas letters:

The letters ‘M’ and ‘S’ are the most popular letters to give.

The letter ‘S’ - for Sinterklaas - becomes a substitute when the desired letter is sold out.

In Holland many first names begin with ‘M’ as do mama and moeder.

For the same reason, ‘P’ - for papa - is the third most popular letter in the chocolate alphabet.

Least popular are ‘O’ and ‘V’ as not many people have first names starting with these two letters.

Over 20 million chocolate letters each year, currently the letters ‘Q’, ‘X’, ‘Y’ en ‘Z’ are not in production.

The de heer letters are available in three flavors, bittersweet, milk or white chocolate. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a supply of the Droste or deHeer White Chocolate letters.


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